Thoughtful Manners Banner using Color Chimp Flock and Glitter HTV

Color Chimp Thoughtful Manners Banner mainFollow along as Megan from Lovebird Heartworks walks you through how to create a sweet felt banner using two types of Color Chimp HTV in an easy to follow video tutorial! For more project ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the Craftey Community!

Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder to THINK before we SPEAK. As much as I’d like to say that it’s only children that need this reminder, I’ve hung this banner where the whole family can see it. It would also be a great banner to hang in a classroom. Included in this project is a SVG cut file as well as a Printable if you’re short on time or materials but don’t want to skip out on the message.Color Chimp Thoughtful Manners Banner - MaterialsGather Your Materials:

  • THINK before you SPEAK – SVG Cut File (download it here)
  • ColorChimp Flock HTV – White
  • ColorChimp Glitter HTV – Gold
  • Die-cutting Machine – I’ll be using a Cricut Maker
  • Cutting Mat – I’ll be using the Standard Grip 24” Cricut Mat
  • Weeding Tool
  • Heat Source (heat press or iron) – I’ll be using a Cricut Easy Press
  • Stiff Felt Fabric Sheet – 12”x18”
  • Craft Glue – I’ll be using E6000
  • Wooden Dowel – 12” (about the width of a straw)
  • Cord/String
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter (optional)
  • White Dressmaker’s Marking Pencil or chalk – to mark felt (optional)

Follow along with this process video to make your own Thoughtful Manners Banner!

We've also outlined all the steps in writing for below, so you can follow along that way if you'd rather.

  • Upload THINK before you SPEAK cut file into Cricut Design Space (or desired software) – this project has been sized to be 11”x15.5”. Adjust if necessary.
  • You can cut your felt with a Cricut Maker using the rotary blade and Fabric Cutting Mat or you can cut it by hand. I’ll be cutting by hand so on my Design Space Canvas I’ll ‘HIDE’ the black pennant by selecting that layer and clicking the eye.
  • Pre-cut ColorChimp Flock HTV to 11.5”x14.5”.
  • Pre-cut a 1.25”x7.5” piece of ColorChimp Glitter HTV.
  • ‘MAKE IT’ – I used the Glitter Iron-On setting to cut both materials. Remember when cutting HTV you need to put the carrier sheet/shiny plastic side down onto the mat and always remember to ‘MIRROR’ your images for each mat.
  • TIP: Removing Flock HTV from mat – it’s best to flip the mat over and slowly roll the mat away from the HTV, this way you won’t wrinkle the material. (see process video)
  • For this project keep in mind that the words THINK and SPEAK will be weeded out of their shapes, while all the other text will remain. Weeding Flock HTV is different than any other type, part of the fuzz will stay adhered to the plastic/carrier sheet.
  • If you’re going to be cutting your banner by hand this is when you’ll want to trim the short side to 11” and the long side to 15.5”, don’t worry about the point of the banner, it’s best to trim that part after you heat press it.
  • Measure 1” down from the top of the banner and fold/crease it. This is where I used the White Dressmaker’s Marking Pencil, you could also use chalk to measure and mark.
  • Place and center the weeded Flock HTV onto the black felt, be sure to place it below the line you just folded/creased.
  • Using your iron or heat press (set to 320ºF for 15 sec.) go over each part of the design to make sure the whole image gets evenly pressed and adheres properly. Peel when warm.
  • Place the Glitter HTV over the word THINK and heat press/iron it. Peel when warm.
  • Now that the image is pressed you can easily trim the bottom of the banner around the border of the image.
  • Flip over the banner and use your preferred craft glue to glue down the edge of that 1” flap, leaving room to the slide dowel through. Let dry.
  • Insert wooden dowel.
  • Cut cord/string to desired length and tie to each end of the wooden dowel.
  • Hang wherever you need a friendly reminder to THINK before you SPEAK.

Color Chimp Thoughtful Manners Banner - Complete 1Color Chimp Thoughtful Manners Banner - Complete 2Color Chimp Thoughtful Manners Banner - Complete 3I hope you enjoyed getting “Craftey” with me. After making this banner I can’t wait to make more with all sorts of colors and designs. These types of banners would be so cute to hang in a nursery or used as party décor with additional ribbons tied to the dowel ends. There’s just something so sweet about this Flocked HTV paired with a felt banner.

If you're ready to give this project a try, head over to the Craftey shop to find all of the materials used in this project, including Color Chimp Flock and Color Chimp Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyls.

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