Oracal 651 Vinyl – What it’s used for and where to buy?

Craftey Oracal 651 on A Coffee Mug

Everyone is talking about Oracal 651 Vinyl and its countless uses for various crafting projects. This adhesive vinyl is very strong and very difficult to remove. Consisting of two parts, the vinyl and its backing paper, once it has been adhered to something, Oracal 651 is a permanent sticker that can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear.

Oracal 651Vinyl is compatible with die-cutting machines such as Cricut, Silhouette, Brother, and many others. This adhesive calendared vinyl has a thickness of 2.5 mil (which is a thousandth of an inch) and has an outstanding durability rating of up to 6 years, both for indoor and outdoor use!

Oracal 651 Vinyl and its most popular uses

The creation of custom decals for projects is just so easy with Oracal 651 vinyl once cut it can be adhered to a number of surfaces, including shop and car windows. Striking labels that are decorative and informative can also be created for glass and ceramic objects.

Adhesive Vinyl Ideas and Tips

Beautifying objects has never been easier as long as the surface to be decorated is clean, dry, and non-porous. Surfaces can be prepared by wiping with rubbing alcohol and allowed to dry before applying the vinyl.

Finding inspiration for adhesive vinyl project ideas is easier than ever before with the internet (especially on Pinterest and Instagram).  

Surfaces to Beautify

Mugs, cups and drink bottles in all types of finishes (stainless steel is a wonderful surface to work on) can all be uniquely decorated with Oracal 651. It can also be used to decorate shadow boxes, pot plant holders, walls, cutting machines, plaques, windows (also car windows) and kitchen storage containers. These are just a few of the endless possibilities for Oracal 651 Vinyl projects.

Other Accessories and Materials Needed for Perfect Vinyl Cut-outs?

Before any project is started, a couple of other accessories and materials are needed for a professional finish.

Transfer tape is the first essential when working with Oracal 651 vinyl. It allows for the design to be easily transferred off the backing sheet onto the desired surface.

A vinyl cutting machine makes every project child’s play for even the most inexperienced. Other useful accessories to buy are the burnishing and weeding tools.

Oracal 651 Vinyl – where to buy?

At the whole collection of Oracal 651 Vinyl is available in a huge variety of colors. The sizes include 12”X12”, 12”X24”, and 12”X10 and professionals or those creating bigger projects are also catered for with the 12”X 10 Yard and 12”X 50 Yard sizes. For anyone just starting out, the Adhesive Sign Vinyl Starter Bundle contains 10 sheets of 12”X12” Oracal 651 and Oracal 631 Adhesive Vinyl.

Available Oracal 651 Vinyl Finishes

The popular glossy finishes of Oracal 651 vinyl are available in all colors. The black and white are also available in matte and the white has a customized blue silicone paper liner that provides an excellent contrast for weeding.

How to create with Oracal 651

Designing the pattern is the first step in an exciting process. Once it is sized and positioned properly, it can be put through the cutting machine. Weeding removes the unwanted parts of the design transferred to the vinyl and then the transfer of the vinyl design off the backing paper and onto the transfer tape is next and is done with the burnishing tool. Extra care must be taken when pulling up the transfer tape.

With the vinyl now on the transfer tape the exciting moment has come to apply it to the item to the item; once again with the use of the burnishing tool. The transfer tape needs to be carefully pulled away at this stage.  

Curved surfaces need extra care and the transfer tape used must not be strong or light grip, but rather a standard grip. The secret is to cut away as much of the excess transfer paper around the design as possible. A few slits around the design, where possible, also make applying it easier.

Final Word on Adhesive Transfer Vinyl

Oracal 651 Vinyl projects can initially seem difficult to complete, and some mistakes in the beginning are normal. Once mastered, crafting projects with vinyl offer hours of fun and an unlimited amount of beautifully created items to decorate any space or to present to family and friends as gifts.

For all those inspired people out there finding the right products and support will help everyone to finish all sorts of beautifully crafted projects.



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