Customize a Hat Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Mermaid Hair Don't Care Done

Summer is here, friends and we could not be happier! Today, we're sharing a DIY project that combines 3 summer staples: crafting, mermaids, and sun protection! Seriously, does it get any better than that? 

Arlena from came through with a completely adorable hand-lettered cut file for you guys this month and as soon as we saw it, we knew it would be perfect on a baseball hat to keep you shaded all summer long!

So get ready to embrace your inner mermaid and let's get this project started!

You’ll need:

  • A blank baseball hat
  • Cutting machine (we used a Cricut Maker for this project)
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl – we choose this Siser Holographic in Spectrum
  • Weeding Tool
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Cooking Pot (keep reading, we'll explain)
  • Mermaid Hair Don't Care SVG file (download here)

Step 1: Design

 Craftey Boss Brushstrokes Mermaid Hair in Design Space

Upload the SVG file to Design Space or Silhouette Studio and resize to fit your hat.  We sized our file to 4.5 x 2.05”.  

Step 2: Cutting

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Mermaid Hair Don't Care Ready to Cut 

Stick your vinyl to your mat (shiny side down), mirror your design, and press the GO button on your machine to begin cutting. *PSA: Don't forget to always MIRROR your design when using heat transfer vinyl*

Step 3: Weeding

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Mermaid Hair Don't Care Ready to Weed

Once your machine is done cutting, remove the heat transfer vinyl from your mat and cut away the area with your design. Use your weeding tool to weed away the negative areas.

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Mermaid Hair Don't Care Weeded

Step 4: Press Your Design

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Ready to Press 1

Okay, because a hat is not flat like a shirt or a tote bag this part can get a little tricky so bear with us.

Start by placing your hat on the bottom of your pot (the smallest one in our set was the perfect size!). This will give you a hard, curved surface to press on to. Using your heat press or iron, preheat your hat for a few seconds. Be sure to use a thick towel or oven mitt to protect your hand on the inside of the pot. Then center your design on your hat and press with medium pressure for 20 – 30 seconds (be sure to follow the pressing instructions for the brand and type of heat transfer vinyl you are using).

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Ready to Press 2

Note: This is one instance where we recommend using a household iron over a heat press because it allows for a little more maneuverability of the heat as you press on your design. If you are using a heat press you will be pressing the hat and pot into the top plate of the press - not closing the press as you normally would.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Craftey Bossy Brushstrokes Mermaid Hair Don't Car Hat DONE 1

Carefully peel away your carrier sheet and that’s it – you’re done!

If you try this DIY be sure to share a picture in the comments below, we’d love to see your projects! Check back next month for another exclusive hand-lettered design from Arlena and in the meantime, check out her all work over at and be sure to follow her on Instagram.



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