Make Your Own Etched Glass Using Oramask Stencil Film + a FREE Cut File!

Craftey MainIn this post, Alison from Simply Alison is walking you through what it takes to create your own custom etched glass using Oramask Stencil Film and etching cream! For more project ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the Craftey Community!

Today I have a fun project that I’ve been wanting to share for so long. It’s called glass etching. Glass Etching involves a cream that etches away at a glass surface making a permanent change to the glass. I first did etching in high school when the Cricut and vinyl were not a thing. We had to use contact paper and an X-Acto knife. Luckily times have changed so this is going to be much easier. You can find glass cups, mugs, or jars at any Dollar Tree. Today I used a square shaped glass from the dollar store.Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask - 1What you’ll need:

Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask SuppliesStep 1: Uploading & Resizing the Design

Upload the free SVG file to Design Space or Silhouette Studio. Adjust the lettering so that it fits on your glass cup. In this case, I sized mine to 1.9 width. Next, click on shapes and add a square. Place the lettering in the middle of the square. If you can’t see your lettering, right-click the square and select ‘send to back’. Size your square so it is around the lettering with some extra space around it. Now select both the lettering and the square (ctrl + click lettering and ctrl + click the square). Click slice. Turn off the visibility of the lettering layers. You should be left with your square and the lettering cut out of the square. You’re ready to cut! Remember this looks different than most because it’s going to act as a stencil.

Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask How To Gif

Step 2: Cutting the Design

Put the Oramask stencil vinyl color side up on your mat. Set your machine to the notch between paper and vinyl. Load the mat and press go on your machine. This file is going to be different than most vinyl cuts. The Cricut is going to cut a square and then the lettering. 

Step 3: Weeding

We are going to want to weed out the lettering, so after your machine is done cutting, use your handy-dandy weeding tool to weed all the lettering and extra vinyl you had around your square. Remember to keep the middle pieces in the g, s, o and f.Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask weeding 1Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Weeding 2Step 4: Transferring

Now we are going to be using transfer tape to transfer the cut lettering to a glass cup. Clean your glass and dry before transferring the vinyl. First, pull the backing of the transfer tape off. Lay the transfer tape down from top to bottom on your cut image. Use your squeegee or credit card and rub it so it sticks. Now slowly pull up the transfer tape making sure everything is coming up with the tape.Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Transferring 1TIP: If the vinyl doesn’t come up with the tape, have no fear, just lay the tape back down and use your squeegee tool to rub the transfer tape onto the lettering. Try picking it up again. 

Step 5: Laying your Vinyl Down on Glass

Start from top to bottom and lay the transfer tape and vinyl down as smooth as possible onto your glass. You want minimal air bubbles. You want to pay special attention to the edges of your lettering. Are there air bubbles by your edges? If so, you need to flatten those. A square shape glass like the one I’m using will be easier to lay flat with no air bubbles than a round glass.Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Transferring 2TIP: Make sure you press the stencil vinyl firmly onto your glass so the cream doesn’t bleed through.

Step 6: Using the Etching Cream

Make sure you have gloves on before using the Etching cream. Shake your bottle of Armour Etching Cream. Dip your paintbrush into the cream. Start covering the glass parts with the cream using a light hand. Make sure the cream is applying fairly evenly. Dip for more cream and apply again in the opposite direction. Continue to keep adding cream for about 5 minutes using different directions. Let the cream sit for about 10 more minutes.Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Painting 1Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask WaitingStep 7: Cleaning the Cream Off

Go to the sink and start wiping the cream off with lukewarm water and your gloved hand or a paper towel. It will look like the cream didn’t work, but it did! Just be patient. After the cream is rinsed off, start peeling the stencil off. Wipe your glass dry and watch how the lettering appears as it dries. 

Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask RinsingCraftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Peeling 1Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Peeling 2You did it! This is a great technique for customizing any type of glass. The Etching cream is permanent on the glass, so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off or washing away! I’ve also used this technique on mirrors, shot glasses, frames, etc.Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Done 1Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Done 2Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Done 3Craftey - Etched Glass with Oramask Done 4 We love to see your work, so if you give this project a try, be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging @GetCraftey and @SimplyAlisonWagner! To learn more about Alison and see some of her beautiful work, be sure to check out her website



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