A DIY Reading Tote your Kids will Love!

Vinyl bag and markers

Hey there friends! It's Aubrey here from @projectsilhouette and I can't wait to share with you a fun project that you can do with your kids! School is almost out and the public library is one of our favorite places to visit. Reading is so important and I'm doing all I can to encourage my kids to love books.

Thanks to Craftey, I am hoping this bag will help my kids get excited to fill it with stories and adventures. So let's get to it!


Step 1:

Create your design and size it accordingly. I am using Silhouette Studio and typed out the quote in the font "Grinched." (Free font for personal use.) Use the offset tool and create a small internal offset for the letters so that it makes the design an outline for coloring.

Step 1 Design

Step 2:

Right click your image and flip horizontally. Since we cut heat transfer vinyl on the back, the image must be mirrored. Select your cut settings (smooth heat transfer vinyl) and let your machine get to work!

Step 2

Mirrored Design

Step 3:

Weed out your design, and then weed out the small interiors of the letters. I love seeing my design coming together! My favorite tool for weeding is a small pair of pointy tweezers, but Craftey has some awesome choices in weeding tools.

Step 3 - Weed

Step 3 weed inside

Step 4:

Grab your bag and fabric markers. I loved these Crayola fabric markers and they were the perfect size for my little kid's cute hands. Iron your bag (Cotton setting with no steam) so that it's nice and flat.

Step 4

Step 5:

Place your weeded design onto the bag, and with a thin cloth over it, press your iron down and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then move your iron onto the next section and repeat.

Step 5 place

Step 5 iron

Step 6:

We are almost there! Now for my favorite part...peel off the clear carrier sheet and reveal your adhered htv design!

Step 6 - peel

Step 7:

Place a piece of paper inside your bag to prevent ink bleeding, and let your kids go to work in coloring their masterpiece!

Step 7 color

This project is perfect for individuals, or even large groups where people can customize their design with any color.

And there you have it! Make sure to join the Craftey community where you can find all sorts of inspiration, and amazing products at great prices!

-Aubrey, @projectsilhouette



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