Maintenance Tips: Cleaning and Re-sticking a Silhouette Cutting Mat

Clean cutting mat

Many people have been asking us – can the cutting mat be cleaned or should I throw it away? Actually, you can clean it!

After a lot of use and abuse or dropping onto the carpet, your Silhouette cutting mat can look very dirty. Fibers, dust, hair and tiny pieces of paper get stuck to the mat’s sticky areas and affect is stickiness. Loss of stickiness results in poor cutting and poor-quality work. At some point, you may find that even the Silhouette spatula cannot remove all the tiny papers and fibers stuck on the mat. It is tempting to just buy a new mat yet you can actually extend its life and save money by giving it a thorough cleaning and then re-sticking it. Here is how to do it.

So, How Do I Clean My Silhouette Cutting Mat?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to clean your Silhouette cutting mat is to use painter’s tape such as 3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape or a similar good-quality one to remove paper, dust, hair, and lint. The 2" tape works well because only a few pieces are required to clean the cutting mat. Tear off a piece of the tape the same length as the cutting mat. Press down with a lot of pressure onto the mat, running the fingers firmly over the whole piece of tape. Then lift the tape. It will remove a lot of stuff from the mat. Repeat on every section of the mat. Depending on how dirty your mat is, you may need to do this several times till the mat is clean.

Another way to clean your cutting mat is to scrub it. For this, you need Goo Gone, dishwashing liquid, and a kitchen sponge. Lay the mat on a flat surface such as a table or a counter and dribble Goo Gone all over the mat. Wait for about 15 minutes for Goo Gone to work. Use a kitchen sponge to scrub the mat. The pieces of paper, dust, and fibers stuck on it will come off. After that put some dishwashing liquid and scrub again using the sponge. Then rinse under running water. If the mat is not clean yet, scrub it again with Goo Gone, then with dishwashing liquid then rinse.

Wipe the cutting mat with a piece of cloth and leave it to dry thoroughly.

How to Resticky a Silhouette Cutting Mat

Depending on how you clean it, your cutting mat can lose its stickiness. Check to see if it is still sticky. If it is no longer sticky, you can resticky it. For this step, you will need tape and spray adhesive, such as Dritz Basting Spray, 3M Spray Adhesive or Krylon Easy Tack.

First, tape off the edges of the mat. You do not want adhesive where the rollers will make contact, otherwise, it interferes with the way the rollers work.

Next, spray the adhesive within the bounds of the tape. Leave it to dry. If the mat is not as sticky as you want it, spray again and leave it to dry again. It should be sticky after that. If is too sticky, pat it with a piece of clean cloth to make it less sticky.

You Have Just Saved Money!

Now you can use your cutting mat for a while longer and you have saved much-needed money!



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