Kindness Matters: DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging Using HTV + a Free Hand-Lettered Cut File!

Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Complete MainKindness Matters.

It's such a simple thought, isn't it? Kindness doesn't cost a thing to give and everyone could use a little more of it in their lives. But we're all so busy running from place to place, obligation to obligation, that it can be easy to forget to show a little kindness and compassion to those around you.

So when we saw this month's gorgeous hand-lettered cut file that Arlena from Bossy Brushstrokes created just for the Craftey Community, we knew we wanted to create something that could serve as a sweet reminder to spread kindness around wherever you go!

Head over to the Community site to download this month’s free hand-lettered SVG cut file and let’s get started!

You’ll need:

  • Embroidery hoop (we used a 10" bamboo hoop)
  • Blank tea towel or other piece of fabric that you'd like to use. *Be sure your piece of fabric it is large enough to fit in your embroidery hoop plus have a little extra material all around so you can pull it tight. For example, if you're using a 10" hoop, you'll want at least a 12"x12" square of material. We used an Aunt Martha brand natural color tea towel in our project.
  • Cutting machine (we used a Cricut Maker for this project)
  • Color Chimp Essentials Heat Transfer Vinyl in Violet
  • Weeding Tool
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Teflon Sheet (optional)
  • Kindness Matters SVG file (download here)

Step 1: DesignCraftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters In DS 1 Upload the Kindness Matters SVG file to Design Space or software of your choice and resize to fit your material.  We sized our file to 9" wide.Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Add HeartWe also added a small heart to our design. Simply use the Shapes menu to choose a heart shape and add it to your canvas and resize it to your liking.Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Mirror DesignNext, hit the green “Make It” button and follow the Design Space prompts to prepare your mat and select your material.Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Select MaterialsDon't forget to “Mirror” your design before cutting it when you're working with HTV.

Step 2: CuttingCraftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Ready To CutPlace your vinyl on your mat shiny side down. The shinier, plastic side of the HTV is the carrier sheet - it is what you will use to transfer your design to the material once it is cut and weeded. 

Step 3: WeedingCraftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters WeedingAfter your machine has completed the cut, it's time to weed your design. Use your weeding tool to remove all of the excess vinyl. Don't forget the smaller details, like the insides of the letters too! Your weeded design should look like this:Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Weeded

Step 4: Place Your DesignCraftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Placed 1Now that you have your design weeded, you're ready to place it on your on your fabric and press it.Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Place DesignFirst place your design on your fabric about where you think it should go, then place the embroidery hoop on top of it to perfect the placement, readjusting as needed. 

Step 5: Press Your DesignCraftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters PressSince we're working with Color Chimp Essentials Heat Transfer Vinyl, we pressed with medium pressure for 25 seconds at 320 degrees. You always want to be sure to follow the pressing instructions for the brand and type of heat transfer vinyl you are using because it can vary from brand to brand and with different fabrics.

Step 6: Peel away your carrier sheetCraftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters PeelLet your design cool for about 10 seconds and then peel away your carrier sheet.

If you’re not sure that your HTV has completely adhered to your material after you peel away the carrier sheet, we recommend covering your entire design with a Teflon sheet or thin cotton cloth and pressing again.

Step 7: Put together your new wall hanging

Step 6: Peel away your carrier sheet Complete 1Now for the fun part!

Secure your material in your embroidery hoop and pull it as tight as you can. Once you have your material how you want it, trim away any excess material. That's it - you're all done! Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes Kindness Matters Done 1This sweet piece would look so good hanging in a nursery or little girl's room. This design would also be perfect on a t-shirt or coffee mug - the possibilities are endless! 

As always, if you try this DIY be sure to share a picture in the comments below, we’d love to see your projects! Check back next month for another exclusive hand-lettered design from Arlena and in the meantime, check out her all work over at and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Be sure to head over to the Craftey shop to find all of the materials used in this project, including our Color Chimp Essentials heat transfer vinyl.



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