Heat Transfer Vinyl: What is Siser EasyWeed HTV?

Nap queen tank Siser Easyweed HTV

If you have the dream to create a unique fashion statement with decorated apparel for yourself or as a business, you want the best material. The world of heat transfer vinyl can be confusing with so much to offer. Obviously, each manufacturer markets its products as the best but that is not necessarily true. Indeed, you cannot afford to experiment with too many products and that is why you need a good choice from the start. This is exactly why we decided to point you in the right direction: Heat transfer vinyl from Siser is one of the best. Siser is a company in Italy that has been at the forefront of heat transfer vinyl for many decades and has more than 50 products related to the business.

Rest assured: most experts will agree Siser has some of the best heat transfer vinyl in the industry. For beginners, Siser EasyWeed is a perfect material to use.

About EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl

EasyWeed is actually a family of heat transfer vinyls that we will discuss below. It comes in sheets or rolls or packs of small sheets in various colors. You cut the design on the sheet with your cutting machine and then press the design to the garment. Heat transfer vinyl’s adhesive is heat activated so pressing is an important part of transferring the design to the garment.


How about starting with the 12-color starter bundle of EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl? It is the number one selling HTV! It has everything that you will need to create beautiful and attractive designs. Each sheet is 12''x15'', each one in a different color such as lemon, black, greys, navy brown, forest green, silver, lime and more. After cutting, it will not lift during weeding so your design is not disturbed. It is thinner and can be applied at a lower temperature and pressure than its competitors. It also provides one-second tack application that is prevents overheating and is wonderful for multiple layers. The pressure-sensitive carrier enables you to create detailed designs on a variety of fabrics. You can peel it hot or cold, meaning that you don’t have to wait for it to cool down before peeling and that saves time.

EasyWeed is sensitive and therefore great for detailed and smaller designs that will not be ripped off when you weed. So, your designs are safe when you use this material. If you have an interest in children’s clothing, EasyWeed is CPSIA certified so it is safe for children. Best of all, EasyWeed is durable and can withstand many washes.

EasyWeed Extra

Do you want to provide multi-color designs for your customers? Try EasyWeed Extra. It has all the properties of EasyWeed but also works on nylon. It is mounted on a pressure-sensitive carrier, requires low heat for application, peels hot or cold, can be layered for multi-color designs, has a semi-gloss finish. This HTV allows you to expand your creativity. With EasyWeed Extra, you can say “yes” to complicated designs that you can cut on a laser machine. You can also safely use it on children’s clothing and accessories and it is durable. No wonder it is one of the best-selling HTVs!

EasyWeed Electric

If you are adventurous and want to power up your logos and designs with shimmer and fun, try EasyWeed Electric HTV. It comes in 24 vibrant colors with a pearly metallic luster. It is mounted on a pressure-sensitive carrier that enables you to easily cut detailed logos and designs and weed them easily. It can be layered so you can use it for multi-color designs and it can be peeled hot to save time. It is also CPSIA certified for children’s clothes and accessories and it will not lose its bright color and brilliant finish wash after wash. Unleash your creativity with this HTV!

EasyWeed Glow

Halloween will soon be here and you want to create a custom design that glows in the dark? EasyWeed Glow is a beautiful white during the daytime and glows in the dark! Simply charge it by exposing it to the sun and it will glow at night. Apply it to cotton, leather, polyester, and cotton blends. It cuts and weeds just like EasyWeed, can be layered on other Siser materials for multi-color designs and can be cut with laser machines. Some outlets sell by the foot so you don’t have to buy a whole roll.

Even kids love that glow and this material is CPSIA certified for kids. So, don’t just wait for Halloween! Create customized pillowcases with beautiful messages that shine at bedtime. How about promo T-shirts for concerts and nightclubs? Even after many washes, it remains soft and flexible for a long time.

EasyWeed Stretch

Did you ever want to use Siser EasyWeed Stretch but hesitated? Maybe it’s good that you waited a bit. Now you can get to understand all about it and make an informed decision when you buy it. EasyWeed Stretch has all the properties of EasyWeed, it is very durable, it stretches and is available in over 25 colors. It is the thinnest of all Siser materials and can be applied to cotton, uncoated polyester, cotton blends, leather, and lycra spandex. It comes with a pressure-sensitive backing that enables cutting and weeding of detailed designs. It can be layered. It has an ultra-matte finish and a soft texture. All these properties make it a remarkable material great for performance wear and other garments. It can be cut with a laser system and it safe for children’s garments.

Other EasyWeed HTVs

Siser never ceases to amaze! It also produces EasyWeed Sub Block that blocks all migration of color and EasyWeed Adhesive that can be used on fabrics and other materials that accept adhesion. There is also EasyWeed Glitter for adding sparkle to your designs.

Properties of EasyWeed HTV that You Will Appreciate


You will need good quality heat transfer vinyl that is easy to use and will not peel, fade or crack so that your clients are pleased with the product. Siser EasyWeed meets this requirement.

Diversity of Colors

Whatever Siser EasyWeed you choose, it comes in many colors. If you are involved in mass production you may want to purchase rolls of heat transfer vinyl. But, if you have short production runs, EasyWeed can be purchased in packs that contain various colors that you can combine. As a designer, you have to be creative to attract customers and color combination and diversity of colors feed your creativity.

EasyWeed Simplifies Your Operation

You want the heat transfer process to be fast and painless. After all, this is business and time is money! If you choose to work with EasyWeed, you save time and money because it is easy to use. It is lightweight, sensitive to low pressure, heat and thin design.

Choose the Right Machine

With this range of EasyWeed HTVs, you never run out of decorative ideas. However, if you are seriously into the business of decorating apparel, consider buying a large machine for flexibility as soon as you can. If you have a small machine you cannot press large items efficiently. But if you have a large machine you can align and press any size garment. For large machines, packs of large sheets are available. Do not just any large machine. The quality of the heat platen matters for consistency of heat transfer so shop around for the best machine within your budget.



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