DIY A Retro Inspired Quote Tee with Color Chimp Luxe Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Craftey Retro Tee Color chimp HTV MAINLearn how to create a retro-inspired tee with Caitlin from The Mrs. Everything using Color Chimp HTV! For more project ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the Craftey Community!

Helloooooo crafty queens!

I have not had an opportunity to be creative in quite a while, so today I am SUPER excited to #getcraftey! I catch myself browsing Pinterest most nights when I am putting my littlest babe to sleep and I am always swooning over retro style quotes. I love that moment when the lightbulb goes off and I'm ready to bring to life a perfect creation! After filling my Pinterest board with cute quotes, I couldn't resist pulling out the Color Chimp HTV to create a fun retro-inspired tee.

Here's what you'll need:

Open Silhouette Studio and type out your quote in Keep on Truckin' font. I typed one word at a time just so the cutting portion would be easy. I like to fill in my designs with color in Silhouette Studio before cutting so I can have an idea of what the end result will look like with the colors of HTV I have selected.

Retro Tee with Color Chimp HTV - Design

After you are happy with your design, don't forget to mirror!

Retro Tee with Color Chimp HTV Mirror

Now for the fun! Within the cut settings, select the word that you want to cut. Since I did "being" and "cool" in pink, I selected cut for those words and turned the other words to no cut. Load your HTV shiny side down on your cutting mat. After the cutting has finished, unload and then weed. Repeat until you have cut all your words from the different colors.

Color Chimp Luxe Retro Tee Cut Settings

After you have all of your words ready, cut the clear part around the words as close to the word itself as you can so when you go to lay everything out to press, you can get a better idea of how you need to space the words.

Color Chimp Luxe Retro Tee Main Peel

Now, you just need to grab an iron and run over the words firmly but quickly until you can tell that the vinyl is adhering to the shirt. I often test by slowly pulling back a small section of the clear covering and if the vinyl is coming up with it, I continue to iron until it is fully adhered.

I hope you this post inspired you to get a little groovy and of course a little "Craftey"!

If you're ready to give this project a try, head over to the Craftey shop to find all of the materials used in this project, including Color Chimp Luxe heat transfer vinyl.



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