DIY Color-Blocked Monogram Pouches with Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Monogrammed Color Block Pouches with Color Chimp HTV Main

Caitlin from The Mrs. Everything is back on the blog today walking you through how to DIY some fun, colorful monogrammed pouches using Color Chimp HTV! For more project ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the Craftey Community!

Y'all, I am SO excited to walk you through this simple and sassy DIY today. I am a firm believer that everything should be monogrammed and with the help of Color Chimp Luxe Heat Transfer Vinyl, it is easy peasy to monogram all the things. Are you ready to get Craftey!?

Here is what you will need:

My friends and I try to plan a girls weekend every few months and this weekend, we are headed to Atlanta! Gift giving is my love language, so I thought it would be perfect to surprise each of the girls with a cute little monogrammed bag for our weekend away. The best thing is, this project is not only quick but also budget friendly.

Let's do the 'gram thing!

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Silhouette Studio 1First, you will create your design in the Silhouette Studio. Since the monogram design will be applied to the canvas bag, start by using the rectangle tool to create an outline that represents the rough size of the bag. I typically always try to create my design in the Studio as true to size as I can so there is little guesswork when it comes time to press the HTV. Using the rectangle tool again, create your colored stripes. I created one stripe and then did copy + paste twice so that all I would have to adjust is the width of the middle stripe to create my set of three.

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Silhouette Studio 2Once your three bottom stripes are sized to your liking, you can highlight all three, copy and then paste at the upper part of the rectangular outline. While the top three are still highlighted, adjust the length until they fit. Now, use Athelas font in all caps to create your monogram. Since it is a straight line monogram, where all of the letters are the same size, list the letters of the name in order instead of the usual monogram style with the last name in the middle. 

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Silhouette Studio 3 Mirror DesignI created each of my designs on their own page to help keep everything straight. I always add the colors to my design that are similar to the colors of HTV that I will be using. This is quite helpful when it comes time to cut! Don't forget to mirror your design.

For each bag, you will do two cuts. When you have everything ready to go, select the portions of the design that will be cut in the first go-round by choosing "cut" on those and "no cut" on everything that you do not want to cut. Place your HTV on your mat shiny side down, load into your machine and cut. Now go back and change everything that you just cut to "no cut" and select the remaining pieces to "cut" and repeat the cut process with your second color of vinyl.

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Silhouette Studio 4 Mirror and cut

Now it is time to press the designs on to your bags! I will admit that I attempted to do this with an iron at first because I do not currently own a heat press and it was a mega fail. Thankfully, my sister-in-law has a heat press that she let me use and it is a game changer. As soon as I left her house after pressing these bags, I ordered one! I don't know how I survived this long without one.

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Done Close Up 1You can either press everything at once or press the pieces separately just as they were cut separately. If you press everything together, take the piece with the four stripes and the monogram as the main piece. Then, take the piece with the two remaining stripes and cut away as much of the clear covering as you can so that you are left with only the stripes. Carefully align the stripe on the top and bottom of the main piece with the clear side facing down. Since the backing of the main piece is sticky, the additional stripes will stay put. Place the whole design right side up on the bag and press for about 15 seconds.

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Done 2The only issue I ran into with doing everything at once was too much clear being left on the final two stripes, so when I would go to peel the covering off, it would pull up the part of the stripes next to it. As long as you cut as close to the vinyl as you can and no clear is overlapping with the stripes next to it, you should be good!

Craftey + The Mrs Everything Color Blocked Monogrammed Pouches - Done 3The final step is to take your tassels and hook them to the keychain ring and then put the keychain ring on the zipper of the bag. The tassel is the perfect touch to give the bag just a bit more pizzazz!

I am so in love with how these bags came out. I am going to be sure to keep my stash of Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl piled high so that I am able to make these at a moment's notice because they make the most darling gifts!

The color combinations for these bags are endless and I would love to see how you #GetCraftey!

Be sure to head over to the Craftey shop to find all of the materials used in this project, including Color Chimp Luxe heat transfer vinyl.

Happy crafting loves!





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