DIY Summer Schedule Sign using Adhesive Vinyl

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Hey everyone! Aubrey here from @projectsilhouette, back to share a fun project I made for my kiddos. I love summer time, but the days can start feeling really long after you hit up all the parks, and color through every page in the coloring books. I'm sure many of you can relate!

To save my sanity, and to establish a routine that helps my kids know what our family's expectations are, I created a fun metal sign with the summer schedule that they can refer to (and helps me to remember also!) It doesn't take up a crazy amount of wall space and can be customized to fit your family's activities. It doesn't even have to be for summer too! This project would be great for any time of the year. Thanks to Craftey.com, my kids are well on their way to enjoying summer, staying focused and helping our home be a peaceful place before school starts up again! So let's get started!


STEP ONE: Create your design

Open up your software (I'm using Silhouette Studio) and draw a shape the size of your metal sheet. This helps you size your design perfectly.

Draw Shape

Next, use the text tool and type up your schedule and space everything how you'd like. When working with scripty fonts, make sure you weld them before cutting so that it doesn't cut out every single letter.

Space Design

STEP TWO: Cut design

Open the cut settings panel and select your material. I'm using permanent vinyl so I chose glossy vinyl for my settings. Load your material into your machine and cut away!

Cut Settings

STEP THREE: Weed design

Using your weeding tool, peel out all the extra vinyl that is not part of your design. A sharp tool help in picking out the middle parts of the letters.


STEP FOUR: Place transfer tape

After your design is weeded, place your transfer tape over it and cut to size. Use a scraper tool to smooth out the bubbles.

Put on Transfer Tape

Place Transfer Tape

Next, you'll peel off the vinyl's backing paper. Now you can place your design onto the metal sign. You only have one shot so work carefully and borrow an extra set of hands if needed.

Get Metal Sign

Backing Off

Use your scraper tool again and push the vinyl design onto the sign. Then you'll peel off the transfer tape and reveal your finished summer schedule!

Peel off

What's great about this metal sign is it's magnetic, so you can easily make some fun magnets to put on it for the kids to follow along the schedule.


So there you have it! Hopefully that adds some fun to your summer (or any time of year)! Happy creating!

Completed Summer Sign

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