Decorating Tips with HTV

Are you looking for decorating ideas for heat transfer vinyl? If you have just started on heat transfer vinyl, you are probably looking for ways to use it.

Heat transfer vinyl is an awesome material that is so versatile that it can be used for many types of fabrics and many other surfaces. It also comes in different colors, styles, and patterns that you can play around with to create great looking and unique designs. There is no need for any of your items to look plain any more because you can always personalize them with unique designs. Below we share some decorating tips that you will enjoy following.

1. Home décor items.

If you want your décor to look unique and more beautiful than it is, personalize it with heat transfer vinyl. Add unique designs to curtains, cushions, and pillows for each room in your house to liven up boring items.

2. Canvas shoes.

You can personalize tennis shoes or casual canvas shoes with beautiful designs and monograms.

3. Bags.

Personalize leather handbags, travel bags, school bags or duffle bags with names and/or designs. Good quality heat transfer vinyl like the Siser EasyWeed range or Color Chimp tends to last a long time without peeling, cracking or fading.

4. Silhouette photos.

If you love silhouettes, you can now create them in your design software, cut them on heat transfer vinyl and either iron them onto wooden plaques or frame them.

5. Skins for your digital items.

If you think your laptop, notebook, smartphone or camera looks too plain, add patterned heat transfer vinyl skin to it.

6. Personalized Sun Shades.

Personalize sun shades for parents with kids in sports with the kids’ team name or logo to keep them cool during sport seasons.

7. Hunting clothes.

If your friends or family members love to hunt, decorate their jackets, pants, and T-shirts with camouflage-patterned heat transfer vinyl. They will benefit from the camo out there in the bush.

8. Fabric Insulated Lunch bags.

If the kids keep losing their lunch bags at school, maybe too many kids have the same bags. Personalize them with designs and names so that they are easy to identify. They will never lose them and the bags will look beautiful and unique.

9. Baby and toddler clothes.

Decorate children’s clothes for special events.

10. Canvas Camping Chairs.

If you camp regularly every summer with your friends and other family members, you probably get camping chairs confused with other people’s chairs. Personalize them so that you know exactly which ones belong to you.

11. Blankets.

Personalize blankets with unique designs for your family members, friends or customers to take with them to the beach, camping trips or picnics.

12. Kids summer camp T-shirts.

Kidswear T-shirts at summer camp. Some camps, like the Boys and Girls Club, have personalized shirts for each year’s theme and personalized shirts for special camp events. Instead of buying these, get involved and do the decorating yourself with heat transfer vinyl. You will find the right HTV from the Siser or Color Chimp ranges.


13. Family reunion T-shirts.

When there is a family reunion coming up, offer to decorate customized shirts for everyone from babies to adults. You have to buy T-shirts that match from the smallest to the largest size.

14. Wood signs.

You can apply heat transfer vinyl to wood! So, create wood signs with messages such as “Welcome” that you can display in your home.

15. Polyester Fanny Packs.

If you are going to spend a whole day at a summer outdoor concert, you want to avoid a big bag. Instead, personalize fanny packs for your family and friends to keep belongings. You’ll stand out in the crowd.

Go Beyond the T-shirt!

If you love working with heat transfer vinyl, you do not have to stick to T-shirts, uniforms, and jerseys. Of course, you can make those as your main line of business, but use your free time to decorate other things with the extra heat transfer vinyl or scraps that you have been keeping organized in boxes. Hopefully, this list of tips will kickstart your creative juices.



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