Create Adorable Keepsake Tooth Pouches with Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl

Craftey-ToothKeepsakePouches-MainMeaghan from Meaghan Makes is walking you through how to create these adorable keepsake tooth pouches using Color Chimp HTV! For more project ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the Craftey Community!

Confession time! I have an obsession- Target Dollar Spot.

My trips to Target usually go as followed: I grab a shopping cart (even if I only need one thing) and I make my way to the Dollar Spot. This may seem like a normal occurrence to most, except once I finish my normal shopping and check out, I go back “to make sure I didn’t miss anything.” Now, I know what you’re thinking… and you are right, but if it wasn’t for the fact that I double check the dollar spot, I wouldn’t have this super cute tutorial for you today! I found the cutest mini pouches and I knew instantly what I wanted to create. Keepsake Tooth Pouches!

What you will need:

STEP ONE: UPLOAD YOUR DESIGNCraftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - Upload

Import the cut file I designed for this project into design space or any design program you are using for this project. Size out your image to ensure it fits correctly onto the specific pouch you are using. 


When your image is uploaded onto design space, you will need to ungroup the cut file by contouring. (Although you see multiple images in the cut file, the system sees it has one single image)

Start off by selecting your image and hitting the contour button. When you are in this setting you are able to hide different contours of an image. Contour the image leaving one item visible. When you’ve finished contouring the first image duplicate it and hit contour again- this time contouring a different piece of the image (this will turn it into a separate image). Continue until all pieces can move freely.Example: Contour everything except one tooth. Duplicate the image of the tooth and hide everything except for the eyes and mouth- and so on, until all aspects of the tooth cartoon are ungrouped. Change colors, and place the images as desired. Recheck sizing for accuracy! You can see this overview in real time over on our YouTube channel.

Note: The purpose of arranging the images, in this case, is so you can preview how you will place your cuts onto your drawstring pouch.

STEP THREE: PREP VINYL & CUT YOUR IMAGE Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - InDS

Press the green “C” or “Make it” button to change your cutting settings. Mirror (flip) your images on all mats. The cut setting you use is based on the vinyl you are using. The Color Chimp Essential Heat Transfer Vinyl cuts on the “Iron-on setting”, and the Color Chimp Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl cuts on the “Glitter Iron-on setting.”Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - Color Chimp HTV VinylPlace your Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl onto your cutting mat (glossy side down, matte side up).Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - Smooth on matUse your hands or a tool to flatten your HTV onto your mat. Next, load your mat into your machine, press “Go” on your machine and cut away! Follow your machine prompts when cutting multiple mats!Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - cut

STEP FOUR: WEED YOUR CUT:Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - weed 1When your cuts are finished, gently remove your project from your mat. You can do this by peeling back your mat or using a spatula tool. Use your weeding tool to remove excess vinyl that is not a part of your image from the carrier sheet. It is helpful to also trim excess carrier sheet around your cut if you feel there is a lot of excess.Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - Weed 2

STEP FIVE: PRESS N’ GO!Craftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - PressTurn on your Easy Press (or another preferred heat source) and set to the recommended time and temperature. For this specific project, you will be using the layering technique; this simply means that you will be layering different color Heat Transfer Vinyl onto each other.

Center and place your Color Chimp Heat Transfer vinyl onto your mini pouch then apply heat. Once the time is up, remove the heat and gently begin to peel off the carrier sheet. One this step is completed, repeat these same steps with the other layers. Be sure to use a protective sheet over the cuts you’ve already pressed to prevent damaging your vinyl.

STEP SIX: PLACE IT UNDER A PILLOWCraftey Tooth Keepsake Pouches - Finished projectThis step is as important as all the rest! Give this perfect pouch to a lucky boy or girl so they can place it under their pillow! 

Stay Happy, and Crafty my Friends!



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