Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes: A Hand-lettered Freebie!

Craftey + Bossy Brushstrokes: A Hand-lettered Freebie!

We’ve teamed up with Arlena from again to bring you another one of her amazing original hand-lettered designs to use in your projects for free!

When Alrena shared this darling design with us, we knew it would be perfect on a canvas! We decided on using the vinyl stenciling technique for this project and are in love with our new custom piece of art!. Want to give it a try? Keep reading!

You’ll need:

  • A canvas (we used an 8x10” canvas, but you could make this as big or small as you’d like!)
  • Acrylic paint in whatever colors you’d like to use for your canvas and white
  • Cutting machine (we used a Cricut Maker for this project)
  • Removable adhesive vinyl – we choose Oracal 631 in white (you can use whatever color of removable vinyl you happen to have – you will be peeling this off so it won’t be part of the final project)
  • Transfer tape
  • Weeding tool
  • Scraper
  • Tweezers
  • Bossy Brushstrokes’ Plant Seeds Grow Blessings SVG cut file (download here)

Step 1: Prep your Canvas
Give your entire canvas a once over with the white paint. The paint gives your canvas a smoother surface for the vinyl to stick to. Allow the paint to fully dry while you cut your design.

Step 2: Design
Upload your SVG file to Design Space or Silhouette Studio and resize it to fit your canvas.

Step 3: Cutting
 Stick your vinyl to your mat and press the GO button on your machine to begin cutting. We opted for a light grip mat for this project.

Step 4: Weeding 
Once your machine is done cutting, remove the sheet of vinyl from your mat and cut away the area with your design. Use your weeding tool to weed away the negative areas.

Step 5: Transfer your Design
Craftey and BossyBurshstrokes Spring SVG cut file

Cut a piece of transfer tape to fit over the weeded design and use your scraper to burnish over the design until it has completely adhered to the transfer tape. Peel the transfer tape off of the vinyl backing and apply the design to your canvas. Burnish over the design a few more times to ensure it sticks strongly to the canvas.

Step 6: Paint your Canvas 

Craftey and BossyBurshstrokes Spring SVG cut file

This step is *crucial* to making sure you have clean lines once you remove your stencil! Paint over the entire canvas, including the stencil, with the white paint. This seals the edges of the vinyl so that you don’t get any bleeds under your stencil when you paint over it with your color. Let it dry completely. 

Step 7: Paint your Canvas (again!)

Craftey and Bossy Burshstrokes Spring SVG cut file

Once your second coat of white paint has dried, you’re ready to add some color! We did a purple-y ombre look on our canvas but the sky is the limit here – do whatever makes you happy :) 

Step 8: Remove your Vinyl Stencil and Enjoy!

Craftey and Bossy Burshstrokes Spring SVG cut file

While your paint is still wet, carefully remove your vinyl stencil using tweezers and that’s it – you’re done! 

Arlena does absolutely beautiful work that is just begging to be turned in to a cut file and used on your totes, shirts, mugs, and canvases. She created this design especially for the Craftey community and we are so excited to share it with you!  Download the free ready-to-use SVG cut file and get Craftey!

Head over to to see more if Arlena’s creations.

We always love to see what you create, so if you give this project a try be sure to share a snap of your finished piece in the comments below! 

**This file is free for personal use only**



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