Color Chimp Vinyl: The preferred choice for High Quality HTV

Craftey Color Chimp Colors

What is Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl? Simply put, it is a complete range of HTV that can inspire all types of projects that involve fabrics. The options for projects are numerous and Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl range has supreme quality products that are incredibly affordable.

Color Chimp’s Complete Heat Transfer Vinyl Range

Essential Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Color Chimp Essential is the perfect HTV for cotton, polyester and blended fabrics because it peels when it’s both hot and cold. This is a no-fluff vinyl and even though it is reasonably priced, it has the appearance of a high-quality material. The Color Chimp Essentials range may be opaque, but it is particularly thin, soft, and stretchable. It is available in over 30 colors and upon application, it lasts long when washed and dried at cold temperatures.

    How to apply Color Chimp Essential?

    When using heat transfer vinyl, the design to be applied must be cut in mirror image, with the blade set at 45°. The ideal temperature for the heat transfer is 320° F for 15 seconds, with medium pressure from the heat press. Ideally the vinyl is peeled when still warm.

    Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Adding a touch of luxury to numerous items is as easy as adding designs cut out in Color Chimp Flock HTV to them. The velvety, suede-like vinyl is available in 22 colors and comes in a variety of sizes for beautifying just about anything.  Care instructions for clothing items with Flock HTV include cold washing and drying.

      How to apply Color Chimp Flock?

      Flock vinyl applications need to always be cut at 60° in a mirror image to ensure that they are transferred correctly to the item.  The recommended transfer temperature is 320° F for 15 seconds with medium pressure. Flock is always peeled when warm.

      Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

        Beautiful and quality designs, that have a bedazzling effect, are easy to achieve with the Color Chimp Glitter HTV range. Available in 24 glittery colors it is as easy to apply as all the other products in the Color Chimp arsenal. Clothing items embellished with Color Chimp Glitter HTV must be cold washed and dried.

        How to apply Color Chimp Glitter?

        Glitter Vinyl is cut at 45° in a mirror image. The indicated temperature for the heat transfer is 302° F at a medium pressure for 15 seconds with a warm peel. 

        Stretch Transfer Vinyl

        Not only is the stretch range supple, but it is also very strong. Color Chimp Stretch is the best HTV for all stretchy fabrics, including Lycra and spandex. It is available in six colors. Similar to all the other HTVs in the range, the care instructions recommend cold washing and drying.

        How to apply Color Chimp Stretch?

        Stretch vinyl is cut in a mirror image at 45°and should be pressed at 320° F at a medium pressure for 15 seconds. It is always peeled when warm.

        Luxe Transfer Vinyl

          The Color Chimp Luxe range works perfectly with all types of fabrics, whether these are cotton, polyester, nylon or blends and including leather. There are 32 colors to choose from and the vinyl in the Luxe range is amazingly thin, soft, and flexible and can be used on some of the most popular clothing items, including yoga pants, t-shirts and jackets. This vinyl can be washed and dried at cold temperatures.

          How to apply Color Chimp Luxe?

          Luxe vinyl can be cut at 45° in a mirror image. The ideal temperature for setting the transfer is between 300° - 320° F with low to medium pressure for 5 – 10 seconds. It should be peeled when cold.

          Essential Tools for High Quality Color Chimp HTV Applications

          Whether the application of the Color Chimp vinyl is for professional or hobbyist use, there are a few essential tools that are needed to ensure a beautifully finished product.

          The right software is also essential to create the image or lettering required and can also turn the design into the mirror image required for the transfer. The printer and cutting tool will help to reproduce and cut out the image correctly, while the weeding tool is essential for removing unwanted parts of the design. The heat press does the actual transfer, but crafters sometimes opt to use an iron to do this, in which case care should be taken to ensure an even transfer.

          There is no better time than the moment a new project is completed and ready to enjoy!

          Final Thoughts on Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl Ideas

          Color Chimp HTV is ideal for simple and advanced projects. Experienced crafters can create unique designs and try out various ideas like layering Color Chimp Heat Transfer Vinyl for a really special effect. Lots of fun project ideas are available on for the inexperienced and experienced out there!



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